Wallace Falls Park Waterfall Aerial

Wallace Falls Park Waterfall Aerial Blog 10-23-16

On a Sunday morning in Fall, a crew of us got an early start hiking up the trail to Wallace Falls, with hopes to beat the crowd and catch sunrise lighting on the waterfall.  Upon reaching the first lookout, we realized it might have been a little too early as we waited for sunlight to wrap it's way around the canyon.  I put my DJI Phantom 3 Professional in the air to see how far we were from the falls and knew immediately I was wasting time with how flat the lighting was.  

The next 2 viewpoints showed us what we truly came to see as the canyon provided a clear view of the tall waterfall.  The lighting wasn't directly on the falls but reflected a nice glow upon the water and mossy surroundings.  With 3 drone pilots in the group there was a feeling of wanting to push our creativity level past the average floating aerial shot.  At the top viewpoint I noticed this tree covered in pinecones and dedicated a good percentage of battery life to capturing a solid revealing shot. I flew it right over the tree top with the camera slowly panning down to see the falls cascading away, and out of all the different angles I experimented with that day, I must say this is the one I was most pleased with.