Deception Falls Rainy Day Jib Crane

On the way down from a day of snowboarding at Stevens Pass the light snow hitting my windshield started turning to rain.  I had hoped to use the Kessler Pocket Traveler jib crane I brought with me, and with Deception Falls parking lot just right off the road, I figured "why not get a little wet?".  The highway 2 bridge overhead made good cover for setting up the tripod and jib crane while getting balanced with the weights.  I had the Sigma 18-35mm Art Lens on my Panasonic GH4, which are both weather sealed, but even with just a light sprinkle I placed my snowboard beanie over them for safe measure.

Moving this rig around and getting it level took a bit of time, so each spot it got set up at, I did a few takes in different directions to make sure I nailed it.  The last few shots below the falls were getting the front of the lens pretty wet so I had to practice some tricky timing.  I would dry the glass with a lens cloth and immediately step back to put the camera in motion on the jib crane.  By the time the movement was done the lens was covered with small beads of water.  A few tries at this method and produced a couple quick shots before things got wet.  At this point I felt I had pushed the gear far enough and packed up to head out.  Rainy day or not, there's something to be said about the tranquility of zoning in on some filming next to raging water.