Anacortes Cap Sante Marina Sunset Aerial

On a trip to San Juan Island for the weekend with some friends, we arrived in Anacortes with the sun just starting to set and almost 2 hours to kill until our ferry was scheduled to depart.  I spotted a good place by the water to park and get in some sunset drone flying.  The rocky shore of the marina provided a nice low key spot to set up the DJI Phantom 3 Professional and fly with nobody but the seagulls to harass me.  

Once I got the bird in the air I headed toward Mt Baker that was still catching the last bit of light and captured a few shots of a barge making its way through the bay.  At this point the sun had pretty much set but the colors were looking vibrant reflecting off the water.  The boats in the marina layered up with the San Juan Islands in the distance gave me some good composition and a great way to kill time waiting for the ferry.