Mt Baker Summer Aerial

The 2016 Mt Baker Slush Cup truly brought me back about 10 years to the first time I attended the event.  For those who don't know, going on decades now the Slush Cup has been an annual event in the post season at Mt Baker Ski Resort.  People come from all over to throw a party in the snow while riding skis, snowboards, and sometimes rafts down a slushy slope to hopefully make it across a small lake of freezing cold glacier water.  This year did not disappoint!  I got to hang out with old friends, get a little wet riding my snowboard across the pond, eat some food, and shoot pics and vids.  Even snapped a couple keepers of old buddies Nate Lind and Morgan "Coonhead" Rose.

As the event was winding down, I decided to head up the road to Artist Point to do some exploring with my drone in the air.  The view from up there is already amazing, so adding a couple hundred feet with motion created some of my all time favorite footage.  I tried a combination of flight patterns with the focus on Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan.  I then shot my first drone panorama which stitched together nicely for a 360 view.

After heading down from Artist point I stopped at a couple spots to get a few more shots with the last bit of light and drone battery.  There was a small spot to pull off the Mt Baker highway with a nice overlook of the Nooksack River.  The setting sun mixed with the overhead angle on the canyon, provided some picturesque layers as the camera panned up from the river to what appeared to be an endless forest.