Snoqualmie Falls Summer Aerial

On a trip to film sunset kayaking on the Snoqualmie River, I ended up finally being able to shoot the aerial shots of Snoqualmie Falls I'd been waiting for.  After purchasing my first drone and adding an aerial perspective to my options of shooting angles a few months prior, I knew I eventually wanted to capture Snoqualmie Falls with a birds eye view.  It's funny how frustrations can be blessings in disguise if you just go with the flow.

The plan was to shoot a group of three kayakers paddling around a single rapid giving me an opportunity to get more comfortable hovering over water.  Upon showing up we realized this specific area was completely hidden from the sun and not ideal lighting.  After I put the DJI Phantom 3 Professional in the air and did some low angle flying, I decided to put it up a couple hundred feet and see what's around.  To my surprise we were just around the corner from Snoqualmie Falls getting hit by golden hour sunlight with a double rainbow in the mist.  I quickly switched my focus to capturing this scene... and that's when the magic happened!