Index-Galena Road and Eagle Falls Aerial

When it comes to capturing nature photos and videos, sometimes you just need to get out there.  You can only do so much planning on Google Earth before you just gotta pack up some gear and take off.

On a cold winter day in Washington I loaded the truck with equipment and drove up Highway 2 to do some exploring around Index.  No real plan other than to take advantage of a sunny day in the mountains.  Pulled off the highway onto the Index-Galena Road and drove back a few miles until it came to an end with a closure sign from all the snow.  At this point I had passed a few good options to shoot at but figured I could wait till the sun wrapped around and gave a better glow.  Back tracking on the road I made stops at each location pulling out various ways to capture the beauty.

After reaching Highway and 2 feeling content with the mission so far, I decided to head up a couple more miles to see what Eagle Falls was looking like.  I parked and head down to do some scouting with an 85mm Cine lens on the Panasonic GH4 and see if the lighting was good for aerial shooting.  The golden glow looked amazing so I quickly snagged a few videos on the Manfrotto Mini Tripod and ran back for the drone before the light faded.

I was very pleased with the low flying perspective with mist getting hit with light as it rose up from the rapids, but ran out our battery before I could fully explore a higher angle.  Before leaving I shot some photos and decided to try a zoomed in panorama effect which I think turned out pretty good.