Backcountry Snowboarding Early Winter Drone Crash


First day hitting the chairlifts at Stevens Pass this year.  Quickly road up and started hiking out of bounds to Piss Point overlooking Hollywood Bowl.  Great lighting with fresh powder snow made the eyes grow wide.  

We spent most of our drone flying time filming the landscape, but captured some free ride snowboarding of friends we were in communication with across the bowl.  The power of cell phones and drones!  

Well, maybe a little to  On my last flight for the day I went for a catch landing like I've done so many times before, but the slightest shift in the snow I was standing on sent my finger up into the propeller.  Didn't lose the finger or anything, but was definitely unprepared to deal with that in the backcountry.

Snowboarding by: Matt Wainhouse, Ryan Brown, and Kurt Jenson