Stevens Pass Skyline Lake Snowshoe Aerial

Hiker on Winter Snowshoe Adventure to Snow Covered Mountain Top on Blue Sky Sunny Day

Sometimes in Washington, when you plan for good weather, you actually get what you hoped for.  This was a mission to capture aerial footage of the Cascade Mountain Range with the DJI Phantom 4 Professional, while also experimenting with the new active track feature and seeing how well it could follow snowshoeing.

 A blue bird day in the mountains is always good, but when you add hazy, lingering fog clouds, it can really create a nice dramatic effect.  Reaching Skyline Lake and putting the drone in the air, I truly felt blessed by how vibrant the colors were popping.  After capturing some great scenic wilderness shots I decided to focus on the objective I'd been thinking about for weeks... capturing snowshoe footage with the active track feature on this new drone.  Skyline lake was a nice open powder field so I knew it would be a perfect spot to try.  I hovered it in front of me, locked on myself with active track enabled, then set the remote controller down and started snowshoeing.  To my surprise, that thing followed me all over the place.  The hardest thing was trying not to look at so I wouldn't ruin the shot.  Made my way back to the controller, landed the bird, Success!

The second part of this mission was to push on up the ridge overlooking Stevens Pass Mountain Resort.  Past the lake there was no more trail and even with snowshoes on, heavy powder on a warm day can do a number on the legs.  The view was more than rewarding though and called for more aerial shots.  This allowed me to dial in some great reveals of the ski area from behind the snowy peak.  If you ever snowshoe up to Skyline Lake, I highly recommend pushing up a little farther to take in the view of Stevens Pass from the ridge across the road.  There's a chance you might have looked over at on past chairlift rides and wondered what it's like up there.  Truly amazing!