Snowboarding Stevens Pass with Gopro Karma Grip


Took the Gopro Karma Grip up to Stevens Pass for snowboarding with good friend Evan Virnoche.  We wanted to test out how well it handled the snow and passing it back and forth as we rally the mountain.  First thing we noticed right off the bat was how amazingly stable this thing is.  Extremely smooth footage!  Setting an exact tilt angle took a little getting used to.  A few times the angle was locked in for follow cam but would shift back to regular position by the end of the run.  Probably just takes some getting used to.  It's definitely water resistant and worked flawlessly after being completely covered with powder snow multiple times throughout the day.  A solid tool with a lot of potential.  Very easy to pull out and and start recording smooth, stabilized footage without even removing gloves.  Can't wait to get it back out there!